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About Us


Euro Investment Holding JSC. The company develops its main business lines in the field of construction and entrepreneurial activity, as well as the food industry and tourism.

The main activity of the company is:

  • Acquisition, management, evaluation and sale of participations in Bulgarian and foreign companies;

  • Acquisition, management and sale of bonds;

  • Acquisition, evaluation, sale of patents, assignment of licenses for use of patents of companies in which the Company participates;

  • Financing of companies in which the Company participates;

  • Trade, finance and tax consultancy;

  • Management, marketing, and design;

  • Domestic and international tourism;

  • Production of goods;

  • Import, export, re-export and other commercial transactions and transactions in goods of all kinds;

  • Commissions, forwarding and warehousing, commercial representation, mediation and agency in the country and abroad, transactions with intellectual property.

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